Sometimes, you need an outside perspective to inform and validate your decisions. I offer strategy, planning, research, and evaluation services for businesses, governments, and nonprofits using my Strategy String Method.™ With the Strategy String, I develop four strategic components (vision, mission, values, and position) to make it easy for organizations to create and execute performance-driven strategies. I then use four steps (analysis, development, planning, and execution) to shape every day actions for vision-driven performance.

My clients also benefit from my interdisciplinary approach, which brings together best practices from multiple public and private sectors to address complex issues. For various organizations, I have:

  • Developed strategic vision, mission, and values based on The Strategy String
  • Created technology strategies and plans for transitions to the cloud
  • Evaluated the efficacy of community-based programs
  • Advised municipal management on developing strategies during political conflict
  • Served as interim corporate VP of marketing and communications
  • Conducted quantitative, ethnographic, and mixed methods research to support market and policy initiatives
  • Served as interim planning and strategy adviser
  • Coached small business owners and key executives on leadership and management issues
  • Crafted business model maps and program logic models
  • Designed and advised corporate roll-out strategies for new markets

I encourage you to contact me with your needs. If I personally cannot help you, most likely someone in my network can!